Tuesday, November 6

AC Aceca-Bristol (1958)

Based on the open two-seat AC Ace, the AC Aceca was a hand-built grand tourer in the British tradition manufactured by the British AC Cars from 1954 until 1963. AC Aceca was originally powered by an AC engine. Aceca shared its 67 kW (90 hp), 1991 cc, straight-6, overhead camshaft AC engine with the lighter AC Ace.

The Bristol-engined AC Aceca-Bristol was available between 1956 and 1963. The AC Aceca-Bristol was powered by a 128 bhp, 1971 cc, six-cylinder Bristol engine, which was based on the famous pre-war BMW 328 unit that had hemispherical combustion chambers and an inclined valve train. The car had four-speed manual gearbox with overdrive, independent front and rear suspension with transverse semi-elliptical leaf springs, and front disc and rear drum hydraulic brakes.

Its greater performance unlocked the true potential of the chassis beneath, just as Carroll Shelby did later with his Cobra built upon the same AC tubular frame. The ‘luxe’ interior of the coupe version added a dash of comfort to the minimally equipped Ace roadster, welcome news to performance-minded drivers of a different stripe.

Only 171 original Aceca-Bristols were produced, making this model among the rarest Ace variants.

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