Thursday, October 25

Fiat 124 Sport Spider (1969)

Designed by Tom Tjaarda for Pininfarina, the Fiat 124 Sport Spider was presented at the Turin Motor Show in 1966. Derived from the Fiat 124 saloon, it stood out for its sporting characteristics: fast 1438 cc four-cylinder engine, double overhead cam, V valve arrangement, and the double-barrel vertical carburettor. The car fitted a standard five-speed gearbox, radial tyres, two-spoke racing steering wheel and premium interiors, with ergonomic seats, wooden trim and plenty of instruments.

Its elegant style, power engine, stability and safety (with four disc brakes, vacuum brake servo and Panhard bar transverse link) ensured a good commercial success from the go, with 25,000 units of the first series built.

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